Shipping & Delivery Information

Once your order is shipped out.  We'll send you the tracking infor via email.  If you are in USA mainland or EU.  The freight service we use will be EMS Express mail for your delivery.  Estimate transit time is  between 6-10 business days.  Please note that all countries have different size limitation. For US the Maximum size is 108" inches in combined length and girth. Canada is 118" inches or 300cm for combined length and girth. 

Most european countries have also 300cm for combined length and girth except Germany and France for 200cm.

All  Asia countries have size limitation of 300cm for combined length and girth and delivery time by EMS Express mail is 4-6 business days. For Taiwan, Thailand, and China, We are currently working on establishing several based manufacturing and retail ocations in Taipei, Bangkok, and Shanghai to accomandate those local customers. 

For any larger size that exceeds the above size limitation, we can ship it  unstretched in a rolled tube for a discount price.  Please contact us for more details.

For Latin American customers, we also plan to establish a manufacturing base in the future. 



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