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Please upload your photo here for your custom canvas print.  We accept JPG and TIFF file formats in RGB mode.  Please note that to set minimum resolution of 100dpi for your final size output print.  For an example, if your custom order size is 76X60CM, then your minimum resolution should be about 3000X2400 dpi or 8 megapixels.

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Please note that in order to fit the image into a square shape, we'll crop some contents on all 4 sides of long rectangle image and choose the center of the image to use for this square display layout.

With few minutes of upload here either from a single picture or collage of pictures, we’ll make your special photo come alive with museum quality 3-D gallery wrap. 

Quality Material: State of the art vibrant print on the water-resistant canvas. Unlike the photograph beneath the glass, you get the close-up touch and feel of canvas without the glare.

3D Finish; Photo wraps around the frame in 3 different depth 2.54, 3.8, & 5cm that will turn your environment into a modern and elegant atmosphere.

Display: Our canvas display can display on any room or environment, even tile walls, as no poking wholes or ceiling wires needed.

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